Chris Lucash received the final verdict in June of 2015: He has ALS, a "terminal disease." Heartbroken and angry he started his journey to find meaning in life and in death while the endangered red wolves he dedicated himself to potentially face a second extinction in the wild. 

Staring Down Fate Pre-Release Viewing

Let's have some fun and positive impact together! Join us for a pre-release screening of the documentary film, Staring Down Fate. Through the life of a red wolf biologist we explore:

  1. Our relationship with nature;
  2. The importance of research in protecting all people from human health concerns related to our choices and our environment;
  3. Life, death and impact.


We hope you’ll be able to join us! If you would like to provide a tax-deductible donation to help finish the film click here. Thank you!

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Watch the film, then talk with the filmmaker and provide your valuable feedback to help make the final version as impactful as possible. This tour launches our movement to make vital information accessible to everyone regardless of location and lot in life. We begin with this motivating story about Chris Lucash's life. 

Tell me more about the film

While the film takes viewers on a personal journey with Chris Lucash, a red wolf biologist diagnosed with Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, aka Lou Gehrig's Disease), it serves to illustrate the importance of understanding potential environmental connections to neurodegenerative disease. The film focuses on ALS but the findings we cover also apply to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and more. We hope building awareness through this film will build support for ways to avoid future cases of these diseases. The film also provides a never-before-seen look into the endangered red wolf. Chris joined the red wolf recovery team in 1986 when there were zero red wolve in the wild. They released the first back into the wild in 1987. The population increased to between 110 and 130, but since 2014, red wolves have gone from over 100 individuals in the wild to fewer than 45 now. Check out some of the red wolf-related topics in the image gallery to the right.

This film is very important right now while we contemplate, as a society, the importance of research for human health and our relationship with the natural world around us. 

Why are you doing this now?

While we submit to film festivals and plan distribution, we decided to plan a pre-release private viewing tour over the next few months. We have three important reasons for this:

  1. The topics covered in the film are too important and timely to wait to share them with people;
  2. We want feedback and experience showing the film to improve it as we enter into final "finishing" (the last edits, audio mixing and color-grading);
  3. We are expanding our base of support for the film to get the word out about Staring Down Fate and to raise some final funds we need for "finishing" and final legal/insurance fees necessary for public release.

The filmmaker, Jeff Mittelstadt, will personally attend the viewings to learn from viewers and to answer questions. Every time he has done this the film has improved. Plus he loves meeting people!