What Is a Private Focus Group Viewing?

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When you host a group to watch Staring Down Fate, you're helping us make sure the film is as great as we can make it! We get to see it on a variety of screens, listen on different audio systems and, most importantly, get your feedback on all aspects of the film. After each focus group, we make the tweaks needed to improve every detail of the experience. 

I have not been as moved by a film in recent memory. Every aspect of the story was compelling and beautifully and sensitively portrayed by the filmmaker.
— San Francisco Bay Area

Learn more about Staring Down Fate on the film page by clicking here or scroll down to watch the production trailer.

Why Should I Host a Focus Group Viewing?

In addition to helping the film take off, it makes for a fun gathering and a way to connect and share with friends and colleagues. Through this story and Chris Lucash's life, we explore and discuss:

  1. Our relationship with nature,
  2. Personal and cultural meaning of life and mortality,
  3. What inspires each of us to live life with purpose to try to make the world a better place.

You'll get to watch the film, discuss these issues and share ideas as a group and with the filmmaker. You'll become part of the WildSides family and help us launch the Staring Down Fate movement to support continuing research and raise awareness about potential environmental connections to the development of neurodegenerative diseases (like ALS, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease). 

Finally, your feedback and the post-film discussion with the filmmaker allows us to more accurately and precisely determine our distribution and marketing strategies to make sure this important film is seen by as many sets of eyes as possible.

Thanks so much for hosting the film viewing party...
The film is amazing and it was really fun to be able to discuss the film with the creator.
— Susan Bardet (Belmont, CA viewing)

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I was blown away by the beauty of this film. Some of us never got the opportunity to meet such an inspiring man, but this documentary did a wonderful job at capturing how courageous he was in all of the different aspects of his life. Unfortunately I don’t have any advice for what could be adjusted, because I truly believe every scene was essential...

You weaved together two significant issues in a gripping and emotional film. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of such a moving project.
— Cindi Huntowski (Chicago-area)

Does this effort stop with the film?

Absolutely not! This film is just the beginning and that's why we want you to see it and discuss it.

Our next step is to launch a comprehensive effort to make vital information accessible to everyone regardless of their geographic location and lot in life. Everyone deserves to know about the potential correlations between the environment and neurodegenerative diseases (like ALS, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease). This film launches the beginning of our work to highlight these environmental impacts and how those same environmental issues effect our wildlife. Remember, we cover all these issues "from conflict to common ground." In this case, humans and wildlife share common ground.

This film launches a movement to create an educational interactive multimedia project that will educate everyone about these issues while gathering information from the public to help researchers address them.

Let's work together to protect humans and wildlife!