Hello Everyone,

I posted this message on Facebook yesterday, but thought it would be best to also post it in the Staring Down Fate Journal. 

I apologize for how long it has taken me to write this. As many of you know, our dear friend, Chris Lucash, passed away at 4 AM on Saturday, June 4th. The outpouring of love and support for the Lucash family is extraordinary. It is a true testament to the impact Chris and his family have had.


Chris exemplified living life with purpose. His passion led a movement and created a legacy to reconnect humans with nature and the wildlife that share this planet with us. He taught us to love everyone whose paths we are lucky enough to cross and share throughout our lives. Survived by his wife Alisa and their three children, Chris and his family continue to make this world a better place.

One of his last texts to me before he could not type any longer said this, “Tell my story Jeff.” His story, as he said repeatedly, is not about him but about a message - the message to reconnect with nature and to live our lives with purpose. He was the embodiment of that message and is our leader in that story.

The service on Sunday was truly wonderful and was an absolutely stunning, beautiful and touching celebration of Chris’s life. Every person there and those who could not attend have already started to tell his story. Chris had an immediate impact on everyone who met him. So many people have said that from the very beginning it seemed you had known him forever. People quickly looked up to Chris as a best friend, a brother and a mentor. That’s the impact Chris had and still has on people. And everyone proves that - all you amazing people who have been part of his life, loved him, sent messages, have talked about him and his work with friends and family, posted about him or were able to attend on Sunday.


His text to me was not just to me. It represents the message he shared with all of us. We all tell his story when we share it with loved ones, when we write about it, when we share photos and videos, when we go outside, when we do things with loved ones, and much more. All of us will continue Chris’s story and share his message.

Thank you, Chris! Thank you for teaching us how to live and how to love. Thank you for teaching us that when we do those things well we do not have to fear death so much. Because life continues and your impact will live beyond.

Chris, I miss you and I will miss your physical presence here on earth. But I know you are watching from across the river and that you will continue to help guide all of us who love you and all who hear your message. I will always keep your story close to my heart.

Love and thanks to you,