Only 45 - 60 or fewer left in the wild

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Why is this documentary project so different? 

This project is more than a documentary film. It includes podcasts, films, educational videos, interactive content, blogs and more. This is YOUR documentary project. You will help shape how the stories are told.

  • Started in 2011, this project will provide a new level of depth and will allow you to experience the lives of people on opposing sides so you can see the issues through their eyes.
  • We will present different ways of looking at the same issues without dictating what you should think.
  • We will present data and facts in a compelling narrative, catalogue and organize documents and resources for you, and provide transparency, analysis and questions to consider.
  • We will ask YOU for YOUR opinions and ideas, then work to incorporate those into the project.


Join us on this journey, step-by-step, as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service evaluates the program, as lawsuits play out and as actions take place. We want YOU to be part of this groundbreaking effort! Join us...

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