The Red Wolf Documentary Project

The conflict surrounding endangered red wolves has grown over the last five years. Currently, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is evaluating the future of the program and several wildlife conservation organizations have sued the FWS charging that it has "failed to manage the dramatically reduced red wolf population so as to ensure its survival and promote its recovery, engaging in such counterintuitive actions as suspending red wolf reintroductions and ceasing coyote sterilizations."

The United States is struggling over human-wildlife conflict issues. In the crosshairs we find The Endangered Species Act, other federal and state policies, the interaction between private property rights and wildlife protection, hunting and trapping, ecotourism, conservation vs. preservation, and wildlife management issues. This is a pivotal point in history as discussions and actions impact wildlife species threatened with extinction and fighting for survival. Conservation of endangered species can cause potential change in the way people live, which sometimes leads to more polarization between differing sides of the issue.

WildSides' mantra stands strong - "Every problem leads to a new opportunity. While we do not have to agree with them, we must understand all of the perspectives." 

WildSides' in-depth documentary project on the red wolf explores these national issues.

  • Be part of our team and actually contribute to the documentary project
  • Explore the issues with us
  • Experience and enter the lives of some of the stakeholders
  • See and understand the conflict
  • Hear from experts ranging from biologists to lawyers, from state agencies to folklore experts, and more
  • Find the similarities among opposing viewpoints
  • Learn about the science, the law, human dimensions and more 
  • Challenge ourselves to listen and hear, to step into others' shoes

Understanding the perspectives, lives, science, law, policy, culture, history and other aspects of the red wolf issue will lead to a proactive discussion about where we should go next: with the red wolf, wildlife management, endangered species and predators in the U.S. and beyond, conflict management, policy and law, politics and culture, and reacting to change vs. proactively changing. 

Join the journey NOW, help us make this the most comprehensive wildlife documentary and educational project involving film, multimedia, audio podcasts, live group discussions, resource collections, and more.