"You get no choice or volition in how you are born, but you do in how you live your life and how you die." - Chris Lucash

Join Chris on his journey to find meaning in the face of ALS

A painfully heartwarming story about a man who dedicated himself to bringing red wolves back from extinction in the wild, was diagnosed with ALS and now watches the potential demise of the red wolf. Staring Down Fate will make us think about our connection to wildlife and the environment, how pollution can contribute to health issues like ALS, the importance of community in helping families get through events like this, and it will drive us all to make a difference in the way they live our own lives. 

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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, aka Lou Gehrig's Disease)

Chris Lucash received the final verdict in June of 2015: He has ALS, a "terminal disease." Heartbroken and angry he started his journey to find meaning in life and in death. How does a person who depended so deeply on his physicality, working with wolves in the wild, deal with this debilitating disease: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS; also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease)? This is a transcendent story of a person and a species battling extinction side-by-side.


Dedication for the Red Wolf

Chris spent the last 29 years on a team that reintroduced the endangered red wolf into the wild in eastern North Carolina. In 1986 zero red wolves existed outside of captivity. The wild population got up to an estimated 110 to 130 individuals, but just recently declined dramatically to 45 - 60 in the wild in the world. The entire program is under review and potentially faces its demise. Now Chris stares down fate along with the red wolf as they fight for their space and time.

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In Staring Down Fate you will experience Chris' work with red wolves, learn about the importance he places on humans connecting with nature, and witness the extreme physical effects of a disease correlated with many potential factors ranging from genetics to pollution. We will explore these potential causes of ALS, experience the struggle of knowing your life has changed and your days are numbered, and search for how to feel fulfilled even when your career work is in jeopardy of being cut.

For Chris' Children and for All of Us

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This film came about because Chris wants his young kids to see what he did in life and in his career. Staring Down Fate will serve to fulfill Chris' dream for more people to learn about the plight of the elusive red wolf and for his kids to learn about nature, wildlife and how their father spent his life. The depth of this story and dissemination of the film within new audiences will further increase awareness of the devastating effects of ALS and will illustrate the need for more ALS research into causes and treatments. 

"I want for my story to contribute to the telling of the story of a shared world of wolves, fathers and children. A world that will no longer be one of fracture, deterioration and extinctions, but of wholeness, health and abundance. If I have to die, let this whole story be told in hopes it will be one seed planted for the growth of a new story, a new culture." - Chris Lucash

Journey with Chris

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