WildSides has developed a new program to empower our youth through storytelling.

Our purpose is to empower our youth by:

  1. Teaching them a skill set that will help them in school, life and their future. We use storytelling techniques when we write essays, engage family and friends, in job interviews and many more circumstances.

  2. Encouraging understanding and empathy for other perspectives. Our program introduces youth to people with different backgrounds and situations in life. Then we teach our youth how to tell someone else's story. In a time when we see more and more close-mindedness, bullying and discrimination, we want to help our youth grow up learning to understand and be open to other perspectives. Our storytelling techniques will encourage empathy and help our youth lead us into the future.

  3. Creating a mentor network to help our youth on their road to success. Our hope and the way we design this program is that the people who's stories our youth tell will also become mentors for them. Everyone’s success is highly influenced by their mentor and support networks. This program will help grow those networks for our youth.

Partnership and Collaboration:

WildSides' Youth Storytellers initiative is not a standalone project. We look for partners whom we can help using this program. Our purpose is to add this to existing youth programs in order to help those programs meet their own goals. Some examples of this can include, but are not limited to, an after school or summer enrichment program that needs:

  • Additional programming for children to fill their schedules while parents work.

  • Programming to translate interest in stories to additional motivation to read.

  • Programming that can incorporate diverse interests. We can provide opportunities for youth who are interested in drama, wildlife, reading, sports, outdoors, STEM-related topics, health, video games, environment and more.


Our First Partnership Was A Big Success ...

Thank You for Working with Us, D-UP!

D-UP Inc. is a grassroots organization established in 2007 and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2010 providing services across the Triad in North Carolina. In 2011, D-UP moved to Washington Street in High Point, NC and has operated youth programs in the community offering a variety of services and programs with emphasis on physical activity, nutrition, academics, and character (PNAC), including life and soft skills.  

D-UP Inc.'s mission is two-fold:  first to combat childhood obesity by promoting physical activity and nutrition, and second to provide comprehensive wrap-around services for children, adults and families by promoting health, education and life readiness; with the ultimate goal of maximizing individual life experiences and increasing the economic self-sufficiency of families.