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Thank you so much for watching Staring Down Fate and helping us complete the film. We had so much fun sharing it with you!

Your feedback and quotes can make the difference for the film! Please take a moment to fill out the form below to share your thoughts. This will help us gather additional support for private viewings in August and September. In addition to valuable feedback on the film, so far we have raised over $6,000 after our private screenings to help us get Chris' message out to the public! We'll update this number as it grows. Every little bit goes a long way. You can see at the bottom of this page the costs we are working to cover. If you would like to donate and want the perks that are exclusively offered to people who attend private viewings, click here. You can also click the photo below.

Important: Please do not share the private viewing donations link on social media because these perks are not public. We have a separate public donations page under "Staring Down Fate" on the menu at the top of the website.  

Thank you so much! We're almost there!

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    We have calculated minimum estimates of what we still need to raise over the next few months, or so, to begin the process for public distribution. We are still waiting for some additional quotes for additional legal services and insurance. Here are the estimates so far: 

    • Submission for potential streaming (e.g. Amazon, Netflix, etc.): $4,000
    • Additional insurance and legal services: $4,000
    • Creation of Digital Cinema Package and Blu-Ray DVDs for film festivals: $800
    • Final finishing (a few color-grading and spot fixes and audio finishing for export): estimated at about $2,000 for basic work.