Losing Home - The Orangutan

It is easy to become numb to situations outside of our own environment, but diving into reasons behind a conflict may be the habit mankind must fall into before any progress is made. Without home, or habitat, there can be no prosperity.

The Bornean Orangutan is critically endangered.

The International Constitution of Nature reveals, “hunting, habitat destruction and degradation, and habitat fragmentation to be the biggest drivers of Bornean orangutan population loss”.

Riau Palm Oil Destruction 

Riau Palm Oil Destruction 

Only about 60% of the remaining forests in Borneo, Indonesia were suitable for the orangutan in 2010. Illegal logging and burning of the forests make the majority of the habitat toxic for these creatures. Although they show tolerance thus far for habitat degradation, “poor health or low numbers may prevent successful reproduction.”

This is detrimental for any species, especially one that has just been classified “critically endangered.”

In addition to habitat loss, Orangutans have the “largest birth interval of any mammal”. Females only reproduce every six to eight years. Even with habitat improvements and environmental adjustments, population growth for this species will take some time.

Eric Kilby - Young Orangutan Sitting by Mom

Eric Kilby - Young Orangutan Sitting by Mom

A report by Mongabay states, “new commitments by the Indonesian government and major corporations to limit or eliminate deforestation — if properly enforced — could have major positive impacts on the rate of habitat loss.”

All hope is not lost for the Bornean Orangutan. With raised awareness and genuine care from the public for these species and their habitat, the orangutan may be able to beat extinction. Read into these situations and become proactive! This is the only way to reverse habitat degradation to not only benefit the Orangutan, but also other wildlife, mankind and our world.




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