Wildlife Conflict Untangled: Episode 002, Let's Go to "Red Wolf Country"!

(Evaluation & Lawsuit Updates Included)

In this episode we meet hunters and landowners, learn about the environment and wildlife in the five-county red wolf recovery area, and briefly hear what it's like for a biologist to walk through the woods in search of a pup den in the wild. Why meet these people? Why talk about the environment and other non-red wolf wildlife? Why experience walking through the woods? It gives us a sense of the area, some of the people, the economy and the environment. This is vital for understanding how we got to this point in the conflict, why the future of the red wolf program is in question and how the red wolf population went from up to 130 wolves to fewer than 45. This episode is incredibly important because this particular conflict is unique to the red wolf recovery area in northeastern North Carolina.

You can find out more and see photos at www.wildsides.org. Check out the homepage and the Red Wolf page. 

This podcast also includes two very important updates:

  1. The results of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service evaluation of the red wolf recovery program.
  2. An order issued by a judge in one of the lawsuits against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over its management of the red wolf recovery program.

Music Attribution, Creative Commons 3.0 - Sweetwaveaudio https://soundcloud.com/sweetwaveaudio/free-ambient-loop

This episode was produced with the help of Gabriel Maisonnave.