Wildlife Conflict Untangled: Episode 001, Introduction and Re-Introduction

We set out to understand, over the coming months, how one event or series of events over a relatively short period of time can drive conflict over the edge. In this episode we introduce the red wolf, the federal evaluation that will determine the future of the only wild red wolf population in the world, and provide a brief history of this highly endangered animal. How did it go from once extinct in the wild to almost 130 animals and back to 45 or fewer individuals left today? This episode sets us up to learn more about the area and the people where the red wolf was reintroduced into the wild in 1987. Music: Creative Commons 3.0, Attribution - Sweetwaveaudio https://soundcloud.com/sweetwaveaudio/free-ambient-loop

This episode was produced with the help of Gabriel Maisonnave.

Jeffrey MittelstadtComment